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Indiefair Digital Arts
Scott Orlosk
Fax: 603-216-5842

Indiefair is a full service video production company. We produce TV and web commercials, documentaries, product demos, brand videos, trade show loops, training & sales support, animation and motion graphics. We also have a full sound and video production studio. Our acoustically treated sound stage features a 16' x 26' green screen, teleprompter and more. We own our equipment, savings thousands in rental charges. Our workhorse cameras are Sony PMW-EX3s (matched cameras for multi-camera shooting saves significant post-production time and money). We have a full compliment of location lighting. We can use LED, fluorescent or tungsten as required. Our location audio options range from a full hard drive based audio field kit with time-code sync. We can record up to 24 tracks of audio on location. Experienced, resourceful - cost conscious production strategies and work flow efficiency help our clients save money and create amazing video with Indiefair.

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