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Indiefair Digital Arts
Scott Orlosk
Londonderry, NH
Fax: 603-216-5842

Indiefair is a full service video production company. We produce TV and web commercials, documentaries, product demos, brand videos, trade show loops, training & sales support, animation and motion graphics. We also have a full sound and video production studio. Our acoustically treated sound stage features a 16' x 26' green screen, teleprompter and more. We own our equipment, savings thousands in rental charges. Our workhorse cameras are Sony PMW-EX3s (matched cameras for multi-camera shooting saves significant post-production time and money). We have a full compliment of location lighting. We can use LED, fluorescent or tungsten as required. Our location audio options range from a full hard drive based audio field kit with time-code sync. We can record up to 24 tracks of audio on location. Experienced, resourceful - cost conscious production strategies and work flow efficiency help our clients save money and create amazing video with Indiefair.

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New Hampshire Public Television (PBS)
Adam Frost
Durham, NH
Fax: 603-868-7552

New Hampshire Public Television has a full staff of talented crew and extensive facilities to assist productions. Post-production equipment rental, post-production facilities, engineers, and editors available.

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SOPHA - The Studio of Photographic Arts
Bud Thorpe
Manchester, NH

The Studio of Photographic Arts is a new photographic center located in historic Manchester, NH. With over 8,000 square feet of studio, classroom, and gallery space, SOPHA can be your studio. Our mission is to provide a supportive environment which stimulates artistic expression through the study, creation, and presentation of photographic imagery. The Studio of Photographic Arts rents all sorts of photographic equipment - from lenses to bodies, studio lights, to audio equipment.

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WMUR-TV Commercial Services
Gary Reynolds
Terrance Murray
Manchester, NH

WMUR-TV Commercial Services provides a full range of video and audio production services, from TV commercials to marketing videos to web videos, all designed to help promote your business, service or event in crystal clear high definition. And WMUR-TV offers live satellite uplink services for national media tours, remote appearances and more. Our award-winning Commercial Production staff has over 50 years of combined experience in video and audio production and will provide expert guidance every step of the way to take your project from concept to completion. Using the latest camera, editing and graphics systems, WMUR-TV can produce videos on location or in our spacious Manchester, NH studios and prepare them for Broadcast, DVD or web delivery. Contact Gary Reynolds or Terrance Murray to learn more about the process, production rates and availability.

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