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Ian Buchanan
Hollis, NH

Performance driver with experience in handling picture and custom vehicles. Fluent in driving with hood mounts, hostess trays, and custom camera applications. Calm and professional in intense and demanding driving scenarios and will hit the marks consistently. I can work with you from conception to execution to ensure safe, dramatic results. Non-Union.

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Julie Costantino
Milford, NH

Stunt Performer and Precision Driver; trained in: Street Brawling, Martial Arts Fighting, Weapondry, Precision Driving, Basic Wirework / Rappelling / Jerk Harness. Other Special Skills/Hobbies: Fencing, Pistol Bulls-eye Shooting, Soccer, Basic Horse Work, Weight Lifting, Running, Sailing. Received Certificate of Completion/Apprentice Status from the United Stuntmens Association 8/2008. Received Certified Actor/Combatant Status from the SAFD in Broadsword (4/2008) and Single Sword (12/2007).

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Edward Gabree
Rumney, NH

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John Vincent Mason
Meredith, NH

Stuntman/Stunt Coordinator. SAG/AFTRA. Skills: high speed precision driving, ramp jumps, slides, 90s, 180s, 360s, forward & reverse. Car crashes: Rollovers, t-bone, sidewinder, pipe ramp. Motorcycle stunts & crashes. High falls, up to 110 ft, fire gags, fights, stair falls, horse falls. Equipment: Air bag, porta pits (24"x5ftx10ft),(8"x5ftx10ft), 2" mats, 1" mats, roll ramps, pipe ramp. Recent credits: THE TOWN (stunt driver), FURRY VENGEANCE (stunt double), THE FIGHTER (stunts), YELLOWBRICKROAD (Stunt Coordinator), VALEDICTION (Stunt Coordinator/Stunts), SEE KATE RUN (Stunt Driver), MADSO'S WAR (Stunt Double), SURROGATES (Stunt Driver), THE PHONE (Stunt Driver, Pipe Ramp Crash), MYSTIC RIVER (Stunts/Stunt Driver), MERMAIDS (Stunt Double), FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC (Stunt Double), AGAINST THE LAW (Stunt Double), SPENSER FOR HIRE (Stunts).

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Norm Mclean
Manchester, NH

Stunt Player/Coordinator in SAG with Boston Casting. Credits include over 40 films, commercials, and industrials. Focus on safety as priority. Recent credits: AMERICAN HUSTLE, LABOR DAY, RIPD, SOUTHIE, SQUEEZE, BEACON HILL (THE GENTLEMAN FROM BOSTON).

Listed Under: Stunt Coordinators & Performance Drivers