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John Karol
Orford, NH
Fax: 603-353-4646

Equipment includes: Arriflex 16 SR II (Super & Regular 16) with zoom motor, follow focus and viewfinder extension; Canon and Zeiss zoom, and Zeiss Super Speed lenses; Kinoptic prime lenses; Sachtler fluid head, legs, tripod dolly and hi-hat; Trovato jibs (2' and 4' vertical movement); custom dollys and helicopter mount; Chimera, Lowel, Mole-Richardson and Bardwell & McAlister lighting.

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Mark Ashley
New London, NH

Expertise in all areas pertaining to motion picture film and digital cinema cameras and support systems, lenses, underwater housings, Steadicam, cranes, remote systems and transmitting equipment. Proficient in media management, video assist, playback systems and maintenance of camera equipment. Skilled in producing and delivering multimedia presentations, including motion pictures. Credits include: HOUSE OF CARDS (Netflix 2013), BOOMERANG - Pilot (Warner Bros. 2013), R.I.P.D. (Universal 2011), THE X FILES - Seasons 6,7,8,9 (FOX 1998-2002).

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Kristian Bernier
Portsmouth, NH

Kristian Bernier has photographed 20 feature films and dozens of commercials and music videos. He won the Kodak Vision Award for Best Cinematography for his first feature, SIX STRING SAMURAI and three of his films have been featured at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Melissa Cooperman
Exeter, NH

Melissa Cooperman has been an independent producer/director/DP/editor of short films and feature documentaries for 15 years. She received her MFA from NYU in film directing in 2003 after a career as a photojournalist. She is a Regional Emmy nominated DP for a documercial for a Healthcare client in California and recently finished producing/directing/shooting a series of web testimonials for St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, NH. She has directed/DP a documentary series for Sloan Kettering in New York City. Her short narrative film traveled to national and international film festivals. Melissa is currently in postproduction on a documentary film about The Sunbonnet Quilters of the Catskill Mountains, shot on Super 16mm film. Her website hosts her photography portfolio and complete resume.

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Gandy Dancer Productions
Jonathan Guilbert, Director
Portsmouth, NH

Producers of commercials, branding entertainment, documentaries and online media. Over 60 hours of programming for Energy Bucks, New Hampshire Tourism, Watertown Savings bank, Timberland, Hill/Holliday, BBC, PBS, ITV, Discovery Channel, Channel Four TV, WGBH and more. Work closely with advertising agency to make the best TV spots creatively and efficiently. Show reel available at:

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JLNC Video Production, LLC
Jeffrey Lloyd Nash Clegg
Hudson, NH

Cinematographer for music videos, short films, and features, both film and video. Owner/Operator of JVC HD-200 camera kit as well as lighting/grip kit. Experience with Aaton LTR, Bolex and CP-16 film cameras as well as Canon XL-1 and XL-2, Panasonic DVX-100, HVX-200, and Sony PD-150 video cameras.

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Rafi Landau
Rye, NH

Cinematographer/videographer for films, commercials, documentaries.

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Andre Martinez
Concord, NH

Director of Photography.

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Timothy Metivier
Keene, NH
Fax: 603-357-0924

First Assistant Cameraman with 21 years of experience in the motion picture industry. Recent credits include: "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," "The Adjustment Bureau," "13," "Edge of Darkness," "When in Rome," "Old Dogs," "Reservation Road," "No Reservations," "War of the Worlds," and "Inside Man." Full credit list available at

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Jonathon Millman
Dover, NH

Jonathon Millman is an award-winning, professional Director of Photography/Cinematographer with more than 15 years experience on feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, concerts and program, live and multicamera television. His expertise includes 35mm and 16mm film formats and a wide array of HD video formats including 24p. He is an experienced underwater and aerial cinematographer/videographer. Jonathon is conversant in Spanish and is widely traveled, having filmed throughout Central and South America, Alaska, and in Australia and the Middle East. Jonathon owns a Red One camera package.

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Mark S. Moran
Salem, NH
Fax: 603-898-4911

New Hampshire cinematographer; Owner-operator Arri SRIII 16mm/Super 16mm camera. All aspects of field production supported.

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Matthew P. Wilton
Hampstead, NH

Matthew is a professional Director of Photography and camera operator with ten years of experience. He has shot everything from movies to reality TV to corporate video and infomercials. Credits include 'Ghosthunters' on Syfy, 'Teach:Tony Danza' on A&E, 'TapouT' on Versus along with many more. After seven years in Los Angeles Matthew is trying to continue his work on the east coast and help the best way he can on any kind of project or TV show. Please view more details at:

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Michael Yetter
Salem, NH

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